A project risen out of the desire to go into the wild, a wish to investigate why that desire is there and if there’s even anything wild to go to.
An unreasonable attempt to grasp Nature as an idea, an ideal, a surface for projection and subject to ceaseless intervention. Thinking about what layers of historical, political and aesthetic processes that constitutes sights that we might perceive as natural and how these sights aid our pursuit for origin, core and purity. Can we even imagine a nature uninfluenced by mankind? What’s up with this obsession with the pure and untouched?

Part of the practice was to collect and organize ‘natural’ material, to concentrate and fictionalize means of controlling something previously living, maybe even wild. The other part was a performance taking place in a seemingly natural space, a part of a forest, and then let it undergo several processes of staging, aestheticizing and multiplying what was already there. Performing a sort of amplifying surgery through painting, spraying, lighting, soundscaping and adding material. Fetichizing acts all in the hunt for being immersed in a nature that is more nature.