Created over two years, starting on the sticky dance floors of Plymouths’ nightlife, developed and played during a residence in the same city and later in several venues in Sweden. 
Erika Lindahl, a priced playwright, provided the textual base for the performance. The theatrical concept and universe was a collectively devised effort by the group. An apocalyptic club environment, abandoned parking decks, a park that might as well be a savannah or a scene of a murder, combined to a shimmering bleeding entity of Lynch-like series of events.
Fireflies circles around the haunt for pleasure, oblivion and reasonable relationships, desperate attempts to handle wheels of destruction and weltschmerz. The search for survival strategies when the world as we know it falls apart. 

Flashlights, furs, cheeseburgers, sequins, an inflatable dolphin, shadows and plastic beer crates built the physical and visual space. The soundscape was developed by musicians Anton Leijonberg and Everyday Mistakes. Techno beats and crooning spaghetti western. The costumes were designed in collaboration with fashion label Julian Red.