Amputation Parts; a clinical structure that concatenates sculpture, noise, text and choreographical elements into a four hour long theatre ritual. The process took its point of departure in posthumanist theory, agency, ritualistic elements, dimorphus expressions, corporeality, fetischism and power relation between objects and materials including the human body. An attempt to step out of an anthropocentric narrative. Amputations and interruptions as images of dramaturgical strategy were used to cut off and break up logical courses of events to let the semiotics collapse and reshape. Unrelieved tension, anti climaxes and potentiality were applied in an attempt to enhance the nowness in the space. The contradictions between continuity and interrupted actions aimed at generating an inherent friction and concentrated presence. An emphasis on collectively shared time in the space, engaging in slowness and extending actions and (eye) contact to the verge of the unbearable and ultimately falling asleep together.  Some people said it was like learning to breathe, some people couldn't stand it.

Amputation Parts was created by Olof Runsten, Johanna Malm & Malou Zilliacus, Kommunen & Teater Verbal and showed at Tingshuset in Östersund and Fylkingen in Stockholm.