Animation: Patrik Patsy Lassbo

A map to get lost is an expansive performance work, an ever-changing fiction & a sensorial hypermedial browser.  It took place mainly in the spring of 2017 as the bachelor piece of ten students in co-production with Backa teater, Gothenburg. Drawing inspiration from system aesthetics in an attempt to translate notions from communication theory such as hypermediality, browsing, big data & glitches to generative dramaturgical tools. Working in a process-based structure where the modes of production informed the aesthetics & vice versa, often through excessive production of material.  Rather than illustrating digital phenomena the aim was to place the work in a digital state of mind to open up to non-linear creation & reception. This approach gave way to exciting mixes of historical and aesthetic data. It allowed the emergence of warped timescapes, where the mystery plays of the Middle Ages could meet Neo-Futurism, epic pagan rituals could meet artificial chromosaturated lightning and so on.The elements on stage such as light, soundscapes, movement material, multilingual text & sculptural pieces composed a universe somewhere between or beyond pre drama & post internet.  
A Map to Get Lost took place in stages of Gothenburg & Stockholm (each show different) but was also realised & materialised in an independent choir piece, a poetic epic text
& a perfume.  

FILMED VERSION (by Milja Rossi)

Backa teater

Photo: Milja Rossi